Since 2006 Jock of the Rock has been butchering sports talk radio on Kodiak with their line-up of talent only Cubs fans could love.

Nick Sandin
Nicknames: The Founder, The Island Warrior and International Male Supermodel, El Sandinista, Rainier Killah X
Bio: A 1989 grad of Kodiak High and multi-sport participant (ask him, he'll name them all until you walk away) he wed all 53 Seattle Seahawks in 1981 in a marriage only legal in some states. Credited as 51% creator of JOTR (with Jay Barrett) he seems to only care about the National Football League and who Kim Kardashian is dating (not him yet).

Jay Barrett
Nicknames: The Big Carrot, The Jay Bob, Amstel Light
Bio: A product of Dillingham and News Director at KMXT, Jay's jockdom was centered around trying to beat his brother Jeano at everything. The Big Carrot loves him some baseball and is willing to defend motorsports when others won't. Jay also knows science like he went to M.I.T. and he speaks some Klingon. Even in front of girls.

Ron Sears
Nicknames: The Creator of ESPN, Stan Van Gundy, The Hedgehog, Private Dancer
Bio: Sears is the latest host who attended The University of Oregon so 2010 has been a hard year to screw with him. I take that back. He's also a Cowboys fan. Mr. Sears is lieutenant commander of the USCG cutter USS Billiken and has a paper route on the side.

Derek Clarkston
Nicknames: Nick's Pet Monkey, The Editor, THE Clarkston
Bio: A Washington transplant and longest running sports reporter for the Kodiak Daily Mirror, Derek has been the number one source for local high school sports info. When not on the show Nick talks about his haircut and creepy admiration for Joe Montana.

Michael Odell
Nicknames: The REAL Greatest Thing To Come Out Of Kodiak High School, The Beaver
Bio: Born weeks after El Sandinista got his KHS diploma, 2008 KHS grad and local football legend, Odell grabbed the mic while on the Rock this summer and straight pimped it. The arse kissing will continue until he changes his major to communications and radio journalism.

Casey Kelly
Nicknames: Wolfboy, The Irish Assassin, The Freak With The Neckbeard
Bio: Another Duck lover, Casey was a past news reporter for KMXT who currently works for KTOO in Juneau after a year in Homer. Kelly calls in from time to time to discuss the latest arrest in Eugene and tell the others how much better he has it now.

Chris Nairne
Nicknames: Pizza Chris, JOTR's International/Canadian correspondent
Bio: Wanted by MI6 and Scotland Yard we can not disclose that he is now in Whitehorse and heads an international bacon smuggling ring.

Derek Vergoth
Nicknames: The Steven Hawking of Sports
Bio: New Yorker who came on the show once or twice and then chickened out.

Chris LeDoux
Nicknames: JOTR's Hollywood Insider
Bio: L.A. face with an Oaktown booty, Chris comes on the show when he comes back home to see his mommy and remove any old PBR from Tony's Bar one at a time.

Mike Pfeffer
Nicknames: It has been so long we forgot them. Oh yes..... God's Gift To NFL Cheerleaders. I should have kept that one for myself.
Bio: An original Nut of the Round Table with Four Corners he reproduced and quit showing up. Likes Nebraska football. Yuck.

Kodiak Island Brewing

Kodiak Island Brewing has been our KMXT underwriter for several years now and hosted a couple of our rare remote shows. Thanks, Ben!

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